Our Customers

We service a wide range of customers from industrial to retail to residential so you know we have the experience to handle your business.

But don’t take our word for it, see what some of our customers have been able to achieve in actual real-world cases.

retail stores

Retail Bank

One of our clients has over 1200 locations in the retail banking space. They wanted to get control of their costs across their entire network of locations and turned to Nobel to help manage their snow removal services. Their total snow removal budget for the year was $13,500,000 and with over a thousand location, consistent management of their snow removal services was a real challenge. Nobel was able save them $2,000,000 in just the first year alone, with further savings in subsequent years.

In addition to the direct cost savings, we were able to help them eliminate 15 thousand work orders from the Accounts Payable systems, streamlining their internal process. And not only did this not come with a reduction of service, by streamlining their process we were able to actually reduce service failures by 95%. Lower cost, less administrative overhead, better quality of service.

  • Snow Removal Budget = $13.5M

  • Snow Removal Spend = $9.5M

  • Weather Adjusted Savings = $2M

  • Number of Locations = 1200

  • Administrative Savings = 15K Work Orders Eliminated From AP

  • Over 95% Reduction In Removal Service Failures

industrial building


An industrial customer came to Nobel to get help with their snow removal service process. With around 100 locations they had a snow removal budget of $2,000,000, and a 6-step invoice approval process. By bringing us in to help manage their service providers, this customer was able to save $250,000 in the first year of service.

In addition, they eliminated their existing 6-step process and replaced it with Nobel’s Snowlytics platform to significantly reduce administration burden. Save money, save time, save overhead.

  • Snow Removal Budget = $2M

  • Snow Removal Spend = $1.7M

  • Weather Adjusted Savings = $250k

  • Number of Locations = 100

  • Administrative Savings = Eliminated a 6 Step Invoice Approval Process

  • Significantly Reduced Local Management from Snow Removal Administration

residential building


Nobel’s customers aren’t limited to just industrial and business locations, and we have been able to help with service management for residential properties too. One of our customers has properties in 60 locations and had a yearly budget of $2,500,000 when they called Nobel. We were able to drive efficiencies in their management process that shaved $300,000 off of their total budget.

Nobel also let them have real-time budget updates throughout the season that brought increased visibility into their planning process and reduced the risk of slip and fall claims. Less cost, less risk, more accountability.

  • Snow Removal Budget = $2.5M

  • Snow Removal Spend = $2.2M

  • Weather Adjusted Savings = $300K

  • Number of Locations = 60

  • Administrative Savings = Maintained Real-Time Budgets At all 60 Independent Communities

  • Eliminated Slip & Fall Risk w/ Service Database